Baby Room

AGES 12 weeks - 15 months

Our baby room offers a calm and nurturing environment that caters for the unique needs of babies and promotes their individual learning and development.  Our warm and friendly staff team have many years experience and have all had additional training in meeting the needs of babies. The room offers lots of space for babies to move around and develop those vital skills such as crawling, cruising and walking. We have a language rich environment and really focus on developing those early words and sounds. Our babies enjoy lots of sensory and heuristic play which supports their brain development through experimenting with a range of things that stimulate their senses. 

Teaching is inspirational and has a very positive effect on children’s learning
Ofsted 2015

Littlies Room

AGES 15 months - 2 Years

When children are ready for their next adventure, they move down to our ‘Littlies Room’.

This room offers lots of fun and exciting activities which promote children’s learning and development in a warm, caring environment. Our children participate in a range sensory and messy play activities, which offer a fun way of learning.

Purpose built play areas for your childs growth and education

Middlies Room

AGES 2 - 3 Years

Our third playroom is called Middlies and is for children aged between two and three years old.

In this room children will have the opportunity to learn through play in a fun, exciting and stimulating environment.

Fully skilled staff to get your child ready for primary school

Pre-School Room

AGES 3 - 4 Years 11 months

The activities in this room build children’s confidence and skills ready for the big transition to Reception.

Children are encouraged to be independent and curious learners allowing them to thrive in their development.